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At Naturopathic Specialists, we believe that one of the most important parts of treatment is being able to trust your physician. We feel it is important that people know who their doctor is, and that physician’s experience and qualifications. Our physicians are true experts in their fields; please read below to find out more.


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“Dr. Rubin allowed me to get through chemotherapy with very few side effects – feeling good, with enough energy to exercise and continue to work full-time.” – Patricia P.

“What pleases me most are the results. I had no idea I was going to feel as good as I do, not to mention so quickly.” – Anthony D.

“Dr. Coats was so knowledgeable and willing to share all she knew with me to help me not only to lose weight, but to think about wanting to be more healthy…She treated me with respect.” – BF

“As a 5 year survivor of breast cancer, I, in part, credit his understanding…in providing me a path of wellness” – Mary Ann C.

“Over these years we have been through some tough medical issues together. She never tires of getting to the root of what is going on with me. When I get overwhelmed, she ALWAYS carries me along with a smile”

“The last 3 chemo treatments were so much easier with the wonderful staff as a support team for me as well as my husband.” – Catherine J.

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